Photojournalists and cinematographers in Dubai.
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We are all about You.
Your engagement. Your wedding. Your story.


From sand to sea, and over air, to the destination of your dreams.Wherever your journey takes you, we’ll leave no chapter untold. Capturing every smile, every kiss, every embrace with our cameras.Writing every page of your love story with our eyes.

Every milestone in life is greater than the one before. Sometimes all it takes are a few simple words to bring you closer. The first “Hello” when you meet the love of your life. The resounding “Yes” that seals a promise. The pivotal “I do” that changes the course of your story forever.


We are more than just wedding photographers & film makers, we are visual storytellers. Let us narrate your story, and create a harmonious connection between your hearts and our pictures for decades to come.

We find inspiration in Love, the most natural and honest human emotion. With each event, we challenge ourselves to a pursuit of happiness. We love to capture these genuine sentiments and spontaneous instances in candid expression through photography and film. They will be permanent reminders of your wedding day which you will look back on years from now in nostalgic reverie and experience the same surge of emotion as you did that very day. You will remember the things that didn’t go according to plan, the things that were simply perfect, and discover fun moments you had even missed!

Sheldon Rodriguez

chief photoJOURNALIST

Meet Sheldon. He is an entrepreneur, photographer and communication professional in Dubai with 10 years experience in multimedia design, online technologies and art direction. His greatest passion lies in wedding photojournalism as an art form and a medium of creative self-expression. Years in the field have sharpened his artistic prowess with keen attention to detail and contemporary techniques, producing photographs that are the perfect balance of romantic portraiture and multi-dimensional imagery. His professional yet informal approach gives him the opportunity to capture impromptu moments that convey your story in the most realistic way.

Schubert Rodriguez

chief Cinematographer

Meet Schubert. He is a wedding cinematographer based in Dubai with 5 years of experience in the field and over 10 years of experience in the creative advertising industry. He finds it most fulfilling to meet new people and convey their wonderful journey through life with the help of his lenses. He makes wedding films with a cinematic HD video editing style to preserve all of the vibrancy of your special day, preferring to tell your story in the style of a documentary. His active editorial and fashion photography experience ensures that his style is a blend of fine-art photojournalism that is candid and pure, with a distinct touch of glamour and beauty.

About Dubai wedding photographer
The most important thing to do is to gauge the professionalism of the wedding photographer. This can be very tricky especially since there are no clear metrics just practical pointers. First, make sure that wedding photography is the person’s fulltime career and not just a hobby. Wedding photographers who treat photography as their bread and butter continues to strive professionally. Their reputations are on the line so they won’t mess up otherwise his or her services will not be referred to others.

Second, check that the Dubai wedding photographer is in the business for years. A photographer with 2 or more years of experience covering weddings in Dubai and anywhere else in the Emirates is the perfect candidate. These photographers can deal even with the most difficult situation. Some photographers have also won awards locally and internationally. You may ask about this to boost your confidence rating over a particular photographer, but don’t expect too much.
Third, ensure that the wedding photographer has already covered hundreds to thousands of weddings relative to the years of existence of the business. For instance, avoid booking the services of a Dubai wedding photographer which is operating for 2 years yet had only covered less than 20 weddings. That’s too low a number. A reasonable figure is 60 wedding coverages for a business that existed for 2 years. On the other hand, don’t believe wedding photographers who tend to self-praise. Covering 200 weddings in just 2 years is next to impossible.

Fourth, determine if the Dubai wedding photographer has a contract. Only those photographers who encourage prospects to sign a contract can be trusted. This means that the photographer is after the quality of wedding photography services rendered to you. The photographer wants to protect your interest especially legally for anything that might go wrong on your special day. In this way, you will know what you are paying for because the contract will stipulate what the service entails.
Finally, check if the wedding photographer is undergoing continuous professional development. For instance, they might be attending a seminar or a course to enhance their knowledge and skills further. Prevent hiring a self-taught Dubai wedding photographer – not for your wedding day otherwise you have to live with amateurish photos for the rest of your lives. Their commitment to improve their skills professionally demonstrates the wedding photographer’s commitment in offering premium service.

These are just some factors to consider, but these are very important considerations. This is true whether you are getting married in Dubai or other parts of the world. It is critical to hire the best and most professional wedding photographer that your budget allows. Anyhow, the price of the wedding photography service must not be a hindrance to find the best photographer to cover your wedding.