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Wedding planning Tips

November 21, 2014 - Blog

Wedding planning is most important, because wedding is very special moment for every person’s life.It is the big moment for your life. There is lot’s of thing to remember which is not easy. Inviting your friends , relative and arrangement all other important thing. In small wedding can be much intimate and memorable than a large wedding. A small wedding will allow to spend more time on that special day with your family and close friends, and it will likely cause you a lot less stress. You’ll find that you will have more time and energy to focus on the little things.

Tips For Wedding Planning:

Budgeting is a reality for wedding planning .when you decide your budget ,evaluate all the possible sources of funding for your wedding. Determine before wedding how much you will need to put into your wedding budget.

Prioritize wedding day things:
Prioritize the important thing and decide what you want. A less formal wedding is a more affordable wedding. If you simply cannot part with any wedding day dreams, consider financing part of the cost of your wedding. You can save money by combining the wedding ceremony, reception.

Hire photographer:
If you want beautiful picture in your wedding ceremony so decide your photographer or videographer before wedding and ask him to see demo photo if you do not like the picture so find other option. If you have decided the photographer, talk to him about your budget and planning. Take him some advice as you like picture and clear all things before wedding.
It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re arranging a little wedding or a huge wedding, because neither one is synonymous with a small or a large budget.

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