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The simple Wedding Preparation Strategies For Spending Less

March 20, 2015 - Blog

Whenever organizing a wedding on a tight budget, you must be willing to do things beyond the conventional. You cannot buy a $3000 dream wedding gown, nor can you have a 25 thousand dollar wedding reception with a $3000 cake. Does this mean your wedding shall be a dull & uninspired event? No, it simply means you’ll need to plan your wedding out carefully and put in slightly more time instead of money. Look at a few of these uncomplicated, yet astoundingly useful wedding planning tips.

Wedding Preparation Strategies For Spending Less

Wedding Preparation Strategies For Spending Less

4 Marvelous Wedding Preparation Ideas…

1. Wedding Gown. Your wedding dress doesn’t need to be studded with gemstones for you to look lovely in it. In reality, you may easily get away with wearing a dress which was worn by your mother, grandmother, great aunt, or maybe even your mother-in-law. Get a first-rate seamstress to make improvements to the gown and you’ll save a massive amount of money.

2. Reception Foods. Escape from the concept of having a sit-down meal at your reception; it is too expensive. Think about having a buffet style wedding reception with inexpensive, yet appetizing food items that your family and friends are sure to enjoy. Keep in mind, it’s not necessary to serve fillet mignons for your wedding party to be classy — just get it cheap and keep it simple. With food being one of the largest bills of the wedding party, this guideline is going to be of monumental help when trying to cut costs.

3. Wedding invitations. Invite who you love, not the people you “know”. Weddings on a budget demand sacrifice — therefore, you will NOT have the ability to invite every person you have ever met. Keep the invite list as short as you possibly can to cut back on spending. The more people you invite, the more costly your wedding is going to get, period. Quick tip: A bigger crowd will NOT help to make the occasion any more enjoyable.

4. Create A Checklist. A checklist of everything you want at the wedding is vital. Every single conceivable detail must be considered and then added to the checklist if judged appropriate by you. After the checklist is complete, order everything from most crucial to least crucial. This should help you make those essential “keep or kick” choices down the road.

As you have seen, it just takes two or three straightforward tips & budget saving ideas and your wedding on a budget could be just as unforgettable and enjoyable as those steeply-priced, fancy-schmancy wedding parties you have heard about.

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