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Prenuptial phoptographer dubai

February 23, 2014 - Blog

Why Hire a Prenuptial Photographer in Dubai

Did you know that there are at least three types of weddings conducted in Dubai and UAE in general? These are Islam, Christian and interracial weddings. However, not all engaged couples chose to have a prenuptial shoot but those who chose to have one tend to have the best wedding photos and memories.

Essentially, prenuptial shoots are casual photo shoots with the prenuptial photographer in Dubai. A prenuptial shoot serves as a dry run especially for the would-be bride’s hair and makeup. Some couples chose to have a prenuptial photo shoot so they will feel more comfortable and appear more natural on pictures and videos on the wedding day itself. The photos often display a theme or a story of the couple from the first day they met leading to the special day. Some couples even choose the place where they first met as their prenuptial location.

Further, it is a great opportunity to build a rapport with the photographer. The rule of thumb is the prenuptial photographer must be also the one to shoot the wedding day itself. In this way, the photographer will know the groom and the bride’s best angles. In some instances, prenuptial photos are used in the wedding invitations; all the more reason why hiring a professional prenuptial photographer in Dubai is necessary.

The most critical task is to find the right photographer. Having an expert prenuptial photographer in Dubai yields not just excellent output, but also a great experience for you, as the couple, and the photographer himself/herself. The right photographer is the one whom you are comfortable and confident in dealing with. He or she must be accommodating enough to develop a solid concept based on your ideas. The photographer should be meticulous yet patient to deal with both of you.

There are prenuptial photographers who insist of using his/her ideas to the extent that the shoot is already about him/her and not you as the couple. The perfect prenuptial photographer in Dubai knows how to respect boundaries. He/she knows that his/her work is making creative inputs and not overemphasize his/her style especially when it seemed out of sync. Remember that the shoot is a prelude to your big day, so the photos must clearly show this.

The prenuptial photographer should encourage you to be bold, creative, fun, and unique – anything that will make the photos outstanding and the photo shoot itself a memorable experience for all of you. The best prenuptial photographer in Dubai must be able to make a rather uninteresting place appear interesting at least in the photos. Before the actual shoot occurs, the photographer and his/her crew must arrive in the place ahead of time to scout the best spots to shoot.

There are photographers who take photos in haze. Avoid them because prenuptial shoots are all about capturing the right moments. Some of the best prenuptial photographers wait for the right time to obtain the perfect photos with the perfect backdrop like a stunning sunset. He or she also constantly shoots the perfect angle although some photographers prefer shooting spontaneously.

Evidently, having a prenuptial photo shoot should no longer be a choice – it’s a must have regardless of the type of wedding that you and your fiancé/fiancée will have.

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