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Hiring a wedding videographer in Dubai

February 23, 2014 - Blog

The wedding industry in UAE is alive and kicking. Today, wedding photography and videography are among the staples of weddings in the place. However, the couples cannot just hire a wedding videographer in Dubai. Here are some practical guidelines in choosing the best videographer particularly for a Muslim wedding.
Majority of the traditional weddings in Dubai takes places in closed halls although modern weddings also occur in places of worship and different outdoor settings. The bottom line is weddings are so diverse that the wedding videographer in Dubai must be ready and complete with the necessary paraphernalia especially the lighting equipments.

Further, the setting and time of the day are just two of the factors that affect lighting. Nevertheless, you must never hear the videographer say that ‘natural lighting is more than enough’ because it isn’t. Such a claim is indicative that he or she is not willing to prepare the necessary tools and equipments that guarantee high quality shots regardless of how dark the setting is. Choose the videographer who can show you which video cameras and equipments are the right tools to use for your wedding.

Yet another major equipment that wedding videographer must prepare is the audio equipment. The wedding videographer in Dubai captures both movements and sounds. There should be top quality sounds and background music to accompany the final videos themselves. The most important sound to capture is the wedding vows for both Christian and Muslim (optional) weddings or the imam’s address for Muslim weddings. Wireless microphones must be prepared and put on the bride and groom discreetly. There should be backup microphones as well in case the wireless microphones don’t work.

There are only a few moments of the wedding that can be photographed and video recorded. The wedding videographer in Dubai should be knowledgeable of such. One of the most important parts to cover is the bride’s entry to the hall or place of wedding. Grooms may or may not accompany the bride to her hall before he goes to his separate hall. When the groom enters the hall again after his own ceremony, the moment must be also video recorded. The groom will enter the hall again in a loud procession that includes drums playing with which the groom’s entourage dances to. This should also be recorded.

Needless to say, the wedding videographer must practice courtesy and etiquette. Non-Emirati videographers may not understand the wedding practices of Muslim weddings. Definitely, you may hire an Emirati or a non-Emirati videographer; it’s your choice. If you are going to hire the latter though, make sure that he or she is willing to participate and respect the traditions. This is a test of how resilient and courteous these wedding videographers are.

Weddings in Dubai and elsewhere in UAE are more of a cultural occasion although more and more non-Islamic weddings are taking place by the day. Regardless of the type of wedding though, the wedding videographer in Dubai must know what he or she is doing exactly. Ideally, the videographer is familiar with how an Islamic wedding takes place in addition to a general knowledge of how an Anglican wedding occurs.

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